A silkcreen print created for an art-activism project created by Berlin-based fellow illustrator and printmaker Devorah Livadna called "Printing for Change," which aims to raise money to support ideas and projects that can fight against various forms of racial inequality and injustice. 
Some context for this work: Police forces, legal system and prisons that negatively and disproportionately target people of colour. Justice as a moral force is often symbolised by Lady Justice (you can often see statues of her outside courthouses.) She always has: a blindfold - represents an impartial judicial process, scales -  fairness in the judicial process, a serpent under her foot - representing a lack of morals or evil - she triumphs over them. A book (usually on top of the serpent) - meaning “with knowledge we can overcome evil.” My lady justice has her blindfold removed, a gun in her hand (symbolising the police force) rather than a sword, the serpent is out of control and my scales of justice show the inequality meted out to people of colour and indigenous peoples in the legal system
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